In my series of works entitled “Lost Tracks” the main theme is images of people abandoned in the sea.

The light and the sea are the two elements that make the Greek landscape so beautiful and unique. With these two elements I paint pictures of places that attract people and create a desire to be there.

The sense of swimming or the feeling that we will be near the sea is what makes us often feel calm and safe.

The effect of sea scenery is also very important in psychology. Contact with water, in general, sends us back to the time we all were in our mother’s womb, well protected and surrounded by amniotic fluid. Our first contact with the world is through the element of water. Thus, this usually evokes feelings of pleasure, relaxation and rest.

So, I paint places of refuge from the modern sight of a world that seems increasingly violated by human intervention. It is important to me to have a personal experience of any place I paint, so during my holidays I try to keep (apart from photographs and sketches) a sense of those places too. I have visited these places many times and at different times throughout the day, as well.

Then, I try to reproduce the sense of the open bright space, however, not from the viewpoint of someone being there, but as seen from above; as if someone observes another person relaxing or swimming and wants to be in their place. I am also interested in the visual representation of water and its reflections that are always unique. Having in mind the great masters of painting, I attempt to render these elements in a contemporary manner.

All paintings are of mixed technique (oils and acrylics) and are painted on canvas.